Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Skin Care Routine Blog Hop

Step #1: Cleanse that purdy face!

Features & Benefits
  • Deep cleans pores and eliminates makeup build-up
  • Natural oil extracts help condition skin
  • Fragrance-free formula

I am absolutely addicted to all things Philosophy; especially my holy grail of facial cleansers… *drum roll* Purity Made Simple. This stuff must be made with the tear drops of unicorns! It is the most moisturizing and effective cleanser that I have ever used.

It gently removes ALL makeup and cleanses your face; all-in-one! If you’re running short on time, you do not even have to moisturize as this cleanser leaves your skin feeling supple and smooth. I purchased mine through QVC and have it on auto-delivery. I have the mondiferously large bottle with a pump. The pump works great as a measuring tool; one pump gets the job done!  

Step #2: Facial Time!
Features & Benefits
  • Fast-acting results
  • Mineral-packed purifying paste
  • Leaves a beautifully clean feel

This is such an amazing product! The Great Mystery is gentle enough to use daily (but I use it every other day) and it leaves your skin feeling as though you just visited the spa. The best part…. It only takes one-minute to reap the benefits of this awesome product! It contains sea salt, which provides a nice light exfoliation and when this accidentally gets into your mouth when showering (oops!) you can actually taste the sea salt! I also have this product on auto-delivery from QVC.

Step #3A: Moisturize, baby! On the “high-end”…
Features & Benefits
  • Helps diffuse energizing oxygen for glowing skin
  • Blend of antioxidants helps protect skin against environmental attack
  • Provides oil-free, lightweight hydration

I absolutely LOVE moisturizing and enjoy trying all different products designed to make your face silky smooth. However, being a smexy fluffy-lady tends to produce unwanted perspiration on my face when I’m rushing around working or getting ready to leave the house. Therefore, I always use a gel-like moisturizer on these occasions; just like Take a Deep Breath.

This moisturizer is amazing! It is super lightweight and oil-free, but still provides you with a great deal of moisture. The name is perfect… it literally feels as though your face is taking a breath of fresh air when you apply this moisturizer.

Step #3B: Moisturize, baby! On the discount end…
Features & Benefits
  • Oil-free
  • Water-based to rehydrate your skin
  • Blend of cucumber and green mango extract

I thought that I would use Take a Deep Breath until the day that I died, but I was lucky enough to receive a sample of Clean & Clear: Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer in one of my monthly Beauty Box 5 boxes and instantly fell in love! Not only do I receive the SAME exact results from this gem as I did with Take a Deep Breath, but it’s 1/5 of the price! Can you say hallelujah discounts?!

This a.m. moisturizer is super lightweight, refreshing, gives you a nice little wake-up in the morning, and is not greasy. It allows my face to breathe and leaves me feeling silky smooth all day long.


Repeat step #1cleanse that purdy face!

The Purity Made Simple is so gentle that you could literally wash your face 3 times in one day (morning, afternoon, and evening) and it will NOT dry you out; trust me, I’ve done this!

Step #2: Moisturize, baby!

Features & Benefits
  • Created for the medical market
  • Unique Soufflé texture
  • Healthy-looking glow

Being a Philosophy girl, I wanted to try Hope in a Jar for the loooooongest time, but it is crazy expensive! $117 for an 8 oz. jar! I waited until QVC had it on special and was able to purchase the jar for $108 and on easy-pay (LOVE easy-pay). Now, I’m locked in forever and have it on auto-delivery, but… I continually push back my future shipment date because the 8 oz. jar is like an everlasting gobstopper!

You only need a smidgen of this moisturizer for your entire face and neck. It too is ultra-lightweight, but provides a much more intense moisture than a gel moisturizer. It’s so fluffy and luxurious; it’s like applying a soufflé to your face! It’s my go-to cream at night and for the days when I’m feeling extra dry.

Questions for My Lovely Ladies
  1. Are there any other Philosophy girls out there?
  2. What products do you swear by for your purdy face?
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  1. I've never tried any Philosophy products, but I want to. And know, reading this post, I REALLY want to try them! They look wonderful! And I had no idea Hope in a Jar was so spendy! Yikes!
    - Michelle

    1. Hope in a Jar is most definitely pricey, but I also bought the gargantuan bottle. They have smaller jars that are much more affordable. I had already tried Hope in a Jar (thanks to my mom) so I knew that I wanted to biiiiig bottle!

  2. I know this is beauty skin care but i really want to try their new foundations but they are soo successful at skin care I am not sure it can translate to makeup... if that makes sense lol great post

    1. I've been eyeing their foundation for quite a while now. I don't think I can justify buying just foundation, so I'm hoping they'll come out with a skin care bundle that features one of their foundations; a girl can hope, right?! lol

  3. I haven't tried any philosophy products before! I have looked at them at Sephora but honestly the price tag and Miss Pushy Pants ( the saleslady) scared me away! I do believe Philosophy is a side company of L'Occitane and I have tried their night cream and shampoo and soaps and looooved them! So I may have to check this brand out! Great post thank you!

    1. Let me know if you ever try Philosophy. If you're hesitant, give their body wash / bubble bath / shampoo bottles a try. The smells are amazing and they make every shower / bath an amazing experience :)

  4. Never been a philosophy girl, although their packaging is so cute! I have heard such great things about Hope in a Jar! Maybe one day ill check it out! I too love Easy Pay!! LOL I've purchased so many amazing things on QVC using easy pay. They feature some great beauty and skincare brands including one of my favs- Tarte! :)

    1. QVC and HSN are like my home away from home lol! I literally will have QVC on when there's nothing else to watch because I love the hosts' personalities! QVC is by far my favorite (out of the two). And if you order anything Philosophy off of the actually Philosophy website, you always get to pick 2 free samples, and their sample sizes are usually pretty generous. I've scored Hope in a Jar Night (in a nice little tube), their perfume, etc. I still have yet to try any Tarte products, but I'm waiting for a good today's special :)

  5. I love the Purity Made Simple Cleanser! I've heard some people use it to clean their makeup brushes, too.

    1. Oh! I've never thought about using the Purity to clean makeup brushes; I'll have to definitely give that a try! Thank you for the recommendation! :)

  6. I have never tried philosophy...booo! But you are the second one to rave about that purity cleanser and that sea salt mask sounds awesome!!! Great post, sounds like a very effective routine :)

    1. Thank you, Kristina! :) If you've never tried Philosophy, "Purity Made Simple" is a great place to start. Easy / peasy and effective! Thanks for taking the time to read my post! :)

  7. This is great! I love reading about what worked for others, and I'm thinking some of those sound awesome. I want to try the take a deep breath and I think I have a deluxe sample laying around (thanks for reminding me!) that will be located soon!

    1. Jeni, I think you'll love "Take a Deep Breath". It's so moisturizing, yet extremely light-weight and allows your skin to truly breathe. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post; it truly means a lot! :)

  8. I've never ridden the Philosophy train, but it's really refreshing to hear that a little goes a long way considering the price tag.

    1. I love Philosophy and always will be a customer, but yes, the price can get up there. However, I always am watching QVC as they have great deals / bundles when they air their products.

  9. Wow you have a lot of amazing philosophy products!!! Those moisturizers look really nice!

    1. Thanks, Brittany! I'm 100% addicted to their moisturizers! Even their face cleanser (Purity Made Simple) is full of moisture! :)