Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Numi Organics SAVORY Tea!

Hello my lovelies!

I recently decided to actually start using some of the very different items that I received in a “Conscious Box” before the holidays. I never recorded an unboxing video or wrote a blog about the box because it was just too different for me at the time. However, after taking a second look at the items I received, the contents of the box were actually quite usable and wholesome; but I digress. This post is about Numi Organics Savory Tea.

YES, “savory tea”! Thank goodness I read the label on this adorable tea sample as I was about to enjoy it for breakfast with sugar; yuck! After taking a closer look at the tea, I realized it was meant as a savory snack alternative; therefore, I decided to save it for before my lunch hour.

The sample that I enjoyed was “Fennel Spice”. It is described by Numi Organics as follows:

“Coaxed by the soothing scents of freshly cut fennel, this crisp concoction will transport you to the enchanting European countryside. The soaring flavors of sweet licorice envelope the earthy fullness of celery root while slivers of orange peel and decaf green tea delight the palate.”

YUM!!! I was especially intrigued by this tea because I’ve been on a diet for about two weeks now and thought this would be a perfect “snack” for when I was craving something earthy and salty; without adding a ton of extra calories! Plus, it gives me an additional cup of water – score!

ALL of the ingredients in “Fennel Spice” are organic and as follows:
  • Fennel
  • Celery Root
  • Orange Peel
  • Onion
  • Dill
  • Decaf Green Tea
  • Honeybush
  • Black Pepper

Numi Organics offers much more than just savory tea, but since I had never even heard of savory tea before, I was eager to learn more! They offer a total of six flavors:
  • Beet Cabbage
  • Broccoli Cilantro
  • Carrot Curry
  • Fennel Spice (the one I tried today)
  • Spinach Chive
  • Tomato Mint
I enjoyed my first, and definitely not last, cup of Numi Tea before my lunch hour and instantly fell in love. In fact, I already ordered a box of their “Garden Sampler” for $7.99. The Garden Sampler includes 12 bags of their 6 savory tea flavors; 2 of each. I am most excited to try the “Tomato Mint” and “Carrot Curry;” they sound divine!

TIP: If you sign up for their newsletter online, you receive 10% off your first order!

The moment the bag began to steep, I could smell each ingredient. My office cubicle smells amazing; like I’ve been working in the kitchen for hours over a delectable broth base. I could totally see myself enjoying this before lunch and as a late night snack. I love that the tea contains no caffeine, it is extremely satisfying and tastes delicious!

Overall, the “Fennel Spice” is probably not my favorite flavor out of their options (only because I’m not a huge fan of fennel), but I cannot WAIT to try the other 5 savory treats!

On the back of my tea sample, Numi provides several examples of when to drink their savory tea:
  • As a satisfying snack alternative to hold you over
  • As a great compliment to a light lunch
  • As a savory way to mix-up your tea routine
  • As a comforting cup when you’re under the weather
  • As a snack on your next hike or camping trip
  • As a delicious brew for cooking rice or noodles
  • As a tasty addition to your next cleanse
  • As a great companion to keep at your desk or take on the road

Have you ever tried Numi Organic Tea? Would you be tempted to try something as bold as savory tea?



  1. I have a few packet of savory tea from when I was receiving some food sub boxes. But I never tried them. I don't have much desire to drink them, but I'm saving them to make rice. I have one savory tea with Indian spices - it will be such a delicious flavor to infuse into rice! :)

    1. Oh nice! I think infusing these tea into rice would be absolutely perfect! I'm on this new health kick and trying to lose a loooot of weight, so when I discovered that this was a savory tea, I figured it would be great as a "fake" snack; to trick my mind into thinking that I'm eating LOL. But I could totally see this adding a ton of flavor into brown rice; thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hmmmm Very interesting....I don't think I would use these for anything other than infusing rice or noodles. Not sure If I could get over the mental expectation of what tea should taste like. I guess I don't know until I try it but I don't think its for me. GREAT post though!! :) I used to subscribe to conscious box a while ago for about 6 months. I really liked it but when I cancelled, I had a whole box full of things I didn't use. They pack the boxes full which gives you your money's worth but I usually would only use or like about 3/4 of each box which didn't make it worth while for me after some time.

    1. I subbed to "Conscious Box" when they were running a phenomenal deal during the holidays; I think I only paid for shipping. I am not at all a "green" person (I know, I know) so the items were just a bit of a shock to me when I opened the box, but YES they pack those boxes plum full! Like I said in my post, now that I'm on a health kick, I was able to appreciate the box contents much more. And the tea was definitely different, but it was fun to try! I truly like the idea of having a mid morning / late afternoon snack. Think of it more like a broth that you're consuming rather than tea. Thanks for commenting! I was so excited to see two new comments in my blog this morning; you ladies made my day! <3

  3. I may have to give this a go. I'm a tea nut so who knows I might find a new fav :D

    1. I was never really into tea before either, I always experience watered down garbage. But lately, I've been really digging it :) This may sound totally bizarre, but I feel sophisticated and "rich" when I drink it lol. Probably in my mind I'm pretending I'm a queen, but it's fun! :)

  4. It sounds different. I might try it. I'm so picky with veggies though.

    1. It's a fun experience and like I said the scent that the tea gives off is phenomenal! I think if you're picky with vegetables you may want to try a basic flavor, like the Tomato Mint; that sounds like it would be similar to tomato soup.