Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FOTD: Face of the Day!

Hello my lovelies! I thought I would put together a quick FOTD (Face of the Day) post!

I only recently started getting into makeup and actually wearing it on a regular basis. In the past, I would doll-up for special occasions, but I was a Plain Jane and hardly EVER wore makeup. This year, well…. More like about two weeks ago, I decided to make a goal of wearing makeup to work every day (Monday through Friday) and especially when I went out into public.

As you can imagine, I’m an extreme newbie when it comes to makeup and am still learning what goes where and what colors go well with my skin tone. I may not blend correctly and I am probably applying my makeup like a chimpanzee, but it’s a work in progress!

Today I am wearing the following products:


The POREfessional by Benefit
Benefit Retail Price: $30.00 (0.75 fl. oz.)
I received a teeny weeny sample tube in my January Ipsy bag and am planning to order a full size tube soon! This stuff is amazing! I could totally see myself wearing this alone on my very light days.

Clean Whipped Crème Foundation by Cover Girl
Color: Ivory
Wal-Mart Retail Price: $6.94 (0.06 fl. oz.)

I bought this on a whim one day, trying to force myself into wearing foundation and am SO glad that I did! It’s my favorite foundation, by far, and it feels like you’re wearing nothing on your face at all; yet, it provides a great amount of coverage. And, I swear this jar will last me for years! I haven’t even touched the foundation IN the jar, I have only been using what had collected on the lid.

Balance-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation by Laura Geller
Color: Fair
Laura Gellar Retail Price: $33.00 (0.32 oz.)

I actually bought this quite a while ago when I was attempting to wear makeup. I only recently started using it again and I LOVE it as my foundation finisher. I use it to lightly sweep across my entire face and neck area to ensure that my foundation is even and set.

SIDE NOTE: I always try and put a small amount of foundation on my neck area because I’ve seen waaaay too many ladies who made their face gorgeous, but the skin doesn’t match the rest of their body at all. It’s like the skin on their neck is one color and POOF! Their face is an entirely different shade. That is no bueno.

Shadow Insurance Primer: Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer by Too Faced
Too Faced Retail Price: $20.00 (0.35 oz.)
I snagged this puppy from HSN not too long ago. It was grouped with a Too Faced eye shadow pallet, of which I have yet to use. I’ve NEVER used an eye shadow primer before so when I used this for the first time, I was smacking myself in the face for not knowing about these before! This is literally the BEST investment in any beauty regimen ever! It doesn’t matter if you use cheap or expensive eye shadow, this baby makes your shadow last all day, it prevents creases 100% and the smallest dab will do you!

True Color Eye Shadow Quad by Avon
Color: Purple Haze
Avon Retail Price: $7.00 (0.176 oz.)

I actually have the older designed compact of this eye shadow, but it still does the trick! My favorite part about this eye shadow, besides its affordable price tag, is the fact that it’s fool proof. The compact tells you which shade to use, and where to use it! Let me just tell you that this is a newb’s dream!

BADgal Liner Waterproof by Benefit
Color: Black
Benefit Retail Price: $20.00 (0.04 oz.)

I received this in an HSN Today’s Special along with a butt-load of other awesome Benefit products. I have yet to use the sponge-tip (which is meant for blending and creating a softer line) as I am afraid I’ll turn myself into a raccoon! I LOVE how easy this liner goes on and that it stays in place! I applied this liner to my upper lid. I know there’s a technical name for that part of your eye, but for now, I’m going to call it my upper waterline? LOL!

Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner by Mally Beauty
Color: Starshine (silver)
Mally Beauty Retail Price: $15.00 (0.04 oz.)

I received this wonderful liner in my February Ipsy bag and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE using it on my waterline. It creates a nice pop to my eye and actually brightens my entire face!

Big Beautiful Eyes by Benefit

I only used the “Rich Chocolate Brown Liner Shadow” in this pallet and actually applied it to my brows. I already have pretty defined brows, but adding just a hint of this shade makes them pop! I personally don’t want my brows to look like I pained them on my face, so I only use a very light dusting of this shade to fill in the areas that are not as full.

Great Lash Clear Mascara by Maybelline
Ulta Retail Price: $5.99 (0.44 oz.)

I used this to set my brows. After applying the Chocolate Brown liner from the “Big Beautiful Eyes” pallet, I use this mascara to ensure that I don’t have ski-womp-ous brows. I also use this for my bottom lashes. I try not to apply colored (black) mascara to my bottom lashes unless I’m going out at night. Using the clear mascara defines my lashes but doesn’t make my eyes look harsh.

Black Magic Mascara by Eyeko London
Color: Black
Eyeko Retail Price: $24.00 (0.07 oz.)

I received a generous size sample of this magical mascara in one of my Birchbox boxes last year. I sat it aside and finally got around to using it. The wand is amazing and really applies the mascara evenly while creating a nice curved lash. I applied this to my top lashes.


Fine-One-One (sheer brightening color for cheeks and lips) by Benefit
Benefit Retail Price: $30.00 (0.28 oz.)

I received this as one of the many Benefit products included in an HSN Today’s Special. I have never really been a fan of blush, thinking us big girls don’t need that junk! We’re always rosy in the cheeks! But oh boy, was I wrong! This is my absolute holy grail of blush! It’s super easy to use and you can even use it on other parts of your face. It blends in wonderfully and it’s easily buildable.

Lip Crayon by Be a Bombshell
Color: Shameless
Be a Bombshell Retail Price: $14.00 (0.09 oz.)

I received this in one of my very first Ipsy bags and instantly fell in love! It was my first introduction to lip crayons and I was instantly converted! This stuff goes on so easily and lasts for several hours! The color stains your lips and gives you a great pigment throughout the day. I frequently use this as a base and then add a nice gloss on top.

 Baby Lips Dr. Rescue by Maybelline
Color: Soothing Sorbet
Ulta Retail Value: $4.49 (0.15 oz.)

I’ve been dying to try ANY of the Baby Lips lip balms and finally settled on the Dr. Rescue line. I figured I may as well be nourishing my lips and looking fabulous! I used this a nice top coat to my lips for shine and added color. I apply this throughout the day as I see fit.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think? And what are your every day go-to cosmetics?






  1. You look beautiful! I love blush sticks, but I haven't tried the one you have by Benefit. I'll have to check it out! Don't be afraid of a little mascara on your lower lashes. I think you'll find that a light coat on your bottom lashes will really help your eyes appear more open. :)

    1. Thank you Michelle! I was soooo hesitant about blush before I tried the Fine One One by Benefit, it's my absolute favorite! And you can use it as a highlighter as well. I like applying mascara to my bottom lashes too, but my top and bottom lashes are so long. I always seem to get mascara on my cheek area from my bottom lashes if I apply it there; any tips?

    2. LOL! I don't have much room to talk. I get mascara EVERYWHERE when I apply it, so I take Q-tips that I've wet with water to clean it up! I'm a hot mess! :)

    3. Hahahaha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who constantly uses Q-Tips as the "hurry up and get rid of the evidence" from my bottom lash faux-paux's! (sp?) LOL

  2. That benefit blush looks great on you, and it looks so easy to apply. I have never tried clear mascara to set my brows, but it seems a lot of people do it....i'm going to try it :)

    1. Thanks Kristina! I absolutely LOVE this blush :) It's fool proof to use and totally build-able :) It was a nice and easy introduction to blush :) I love using clear mascara for setting my brows because they literally stay in place all day long, yet, it doesn't look gloopy. There are a lot of clear mascaras on the market, some better than others, but I've been using Great Lash by Maybelline since high school. It hasn't failed me yet and is very reasonably priced :) Thanks for the comment, hun! <3