Monday, February 24, 2014

Feeling Great with Fiber One Protein Cereal!

Hello my lovelies!

I thought that I would post one more review of my new favorite breakfast cereal; Fiber One Protein! I was lucky enough to receive two free boxes from General Mills along with a handful of great $1.00 off one box coupons! I actually have 3 coupons left and will mail them to the first three comments on this post; just message me your address on Facebook or send it to me via email (

I used to HATE eating breakfast. I know it’s the most important meal of the day, but I just didn’t like eating it and when I did, it was very minimal and probably lacking a lot of key nutrients. When I was first introduced to Fiber One Protein Cereal, I ate it like any person would eat cereal; with milk.

This is the delicious Maple Brown Sugar flavor; my favorite!

Then, I decided to get a little crafty and add this deliciously crunchy cereal to other breakfast-y items.

They make an excellent crunchy topper to pancakes and waffles!

The PERFECT crunch to my favorite Greek yogurt!

The other flavor option to this brand of cereal is Cranberry Almond. It is delicious as well, but disappointed me in the lack of actual “berries”. I decided to amp things up a bit and add a nice little mixture of dried berries myself.

Blueberries, green raisins, goji berries, and cranberries… oh, my!

Have you tried the new Fiber One Protein Cereal or any other Fiber One products?


  1. I seriously need to get my hands on this cereal. It looks so good! :)

    1. Thank you Michelle! I really love this cereal. I've been on a "diet" for the last two weeks (an upcoming blog about that) and this cereal has saved me! Like I said I'm not a morning person, but adding this as a sprinkle to yogurt makes me fuller and I know that I'm getting much needed protein and fiber. I have a coupon if you'd like :) Just msg me your address on Facebook and I'll send it to you! :)