Friday, February 21, 2014

"Shine On" Blogger Award!

I was recently nominated for the “Shine On” blogger award by Angela Watkins, creative author of I am the MakeupWhisperer and I Take Photos! I’ve seen these types of awards floating around the digital world here and there but never in a million years thought I would be nominated; especially since I am such a newbie to the blogging community.
Before I dive into the “Shine On” award rules, I want to sincerely thank Angela for considering me as one of her 15 nominees. I’ve always enjoyed writing and expressing my opinion, but never really dedicated any time to this craft since grade school. One of my many “when I grow up” dreams was to become an author. Not necessarily a literary author, but a journalist who would write about food, entertainment, and exciting up-and-coming events; nothing too serious, mostly fluff.

However, money was my top priority and I chose to seek a degree in business. In fact, I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, with an emphasis in General Management, this last December. I recently made several life changing decisions that diverted me off my previous path and am working on building a new and improved me. Surprisingly, I am not at all intimidated, but rather excited and eager to discover what lies ahead.

I am beyond blessed for discovering a new friend, Michelle, author of Beautiful Goodies, and her invitation to join the Beauty and Fashion Blog Community on Facebook. I was welcomed into the group with open arms and feel like I am part of something amazing. As I am starting a new chapter in life, it is a wonderful feeling to be able to have a group of like-minded individuals who are able to show such compassion and friendship toward complete strangers.

Okay, enough rambling…

The “Shine On” award rules are as follows:
  1. Display the award logo in your blog post: Check!
  2. Show appreciation by acknowledging the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post: Check!
  3. Share 7 random, interesting facts about yourself: Listed below.
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and happily pass on this award, making sure to link their blog into your post: Listed below.
  5. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know: Check!

My 7 Random Facts Are:
  • I have two different colored eyes. My right eye is ¾ blue and ¼ grey, and my left eye is ½ brown, ¼ blue, and ¼ grey.
  • I am obsessed with taking looooooong bubble baths. I recently relocated back home to my dear mother’s house and she has an AMAZINGLY deep soaking tub. Let’s just say that she’s happy to have me home, but her water bill has significantly increased since I returned. I love anything for baths: bubbles, bath oil, fizzies, beads, salts, etc. The more the merrier!
  • Last summer I adopted a Chihuahua / Pomeranian dog from our local Humane Society. Her name is Roxie and she is my pride and joy. I don’t have any human children, but she’s my baby girl. I spoil her rotten and she brightens my day. I do not think that I would have been able to make certain decisions about my life without her in my corner.
  • If I could, I would live in pajamas.
  • This may be TMI, but I’m obsessed with panties. NO, not in a weird fetish sort of way, but as in, I can never have enough! I love getting different designs, patterns, etc. The more fun, the better. And when I go on trips, I over pack; as in a 3 day vacation = 10+ panties. I NEVER want to be caught without them, so I’d rather be safe than sorry!
  • I had jaw surgery in high school, to help prevent future dental problems, and ever since then my entire right side of my face has been numb. I can feel pressure being applied to my face, but that’s about it; it makes chewing gum on that side of my mouth an interesting escapade!
  • I absolutely, positively hate crying; regardless if they are happy or sad tears. Therefore, I avoid all things overly emotional: anything Nicholas Sparks, animal cruelty commercials, touching stories, etc.

The 15 Bloggers That I Nominate for the “Shine On” Award Are:
Michelle at Beautiful Goodies
Rachel at Harlot Beauty
Kristy at Nail of a Tale
Caitlyn at Beauty Budget
Jennifer at JenLikesPolish
Kimberly at The Rantings of a Drama Queen’s Mum
Kristina at The Feminine Files
Amy at Ilewsoba
Amy at The Perks of Being Amy
Michelle at Pretty in the East
Andriana at Beauty by Andriana
Jeni at Gracious Luck
Anna at The Anna Belle Blog
Karen at Unpack the Box!
Kimberly at Socially Awkward Fashionista


  1. Roxie is such an adorable furbaby! I love your photos of her. Being a part of the Beauty and Fashion Bloggers Community has been a fabulous experience for me too! Thank you for nominating me for this award. ~hugs!~

    1. Thanks, Karen! She's my everything and truly makes my day, night, everything, 100x better! :) Do you have any furbabies of your own? And of course! I've truly admired how professional your blog is and I learn something new from every post.

  2. Your dog is so cute. I'm the same way about avoiding sad things. I hate those animal abuse commercials & won't let my daughter watch Bambi or Charlotte's web. She is the same exact way.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm glad I'm not the only crazy person who changes the channel as soon as those dang commercials come on. I'd rather surround myself with happy thoughts only lol. And thanks for saying Roxie was cute, I'm sure she knows how much of a perfect princess she is lol. Thanks for accepting the award and posting your answers, I've already commented and am looking forward to even more posts by you :)